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Senior Affairs Program

Estate Management by Orchid Island Management Group,
Estate Management

For our clients with aging parents, Orchid Island Management Group (OIMG) developed the Senior Affairs Program to assist with bill paying, property management and the coordination of other services.

Families may question:

Are the bills being paid on time?

  • Are we overpaying for unnecessary services?

  • Is the property being well maintained?

  • Have the insurance premiums been paid or are we at risk of losing coverage?

OIMG oversees administrative and service related affairs. Families that are not able to assist due to geographical constraints or lack of time want a trusted resource to oversee their affairs, removing the burden of concern.


Each client and family has different requirements. Our program is flexible and can be customized to provide varying degrees of oversight while being completely transparent. Family members may request a certain format of how the activity is reported back to them.

Some of the most helpful tasks include:

  • Bill paying

  • Property Management

  • Liaison for wealth, tax , accounting and estate advisors

  • Coordination of services including health providers, housekeeping and general errands

  • Consistent communication with family

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